The hidden opportunity in your PDF downloads

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If your company is like most these days, you have numerous PDFs on your Web site available for download. With this cost effective and user friendly tactic, many companies are missing the opportunity to let the PDF help close the sale.

Newsletter PDF Download (Toyota Material Handling)

PDF Newsletter (Toyota Material Handling)

Too often, the downloadable PDF is not professionally designed because you’re not investing in offset printing. Such treatment can lead to missed opportunities. When uploading documents in PDF format to your Web site, ask yourself, “What does my audience do with those documents, and are my PDFs doing their job?”

From investor relations to sales collateral, your PDF downloads provide a convenient means for potential buyers and investors to collect the information they seek.  But do those documents rise to the level of your corporate identity? Do they enhance your brand? Do they build your image? Do they sell?

When researching a vendor, product or service, buyers commonly collect downloaded PDFs and spit them out of the office printer for later analysis. Product information, whitepapers, spec sheets, company fact sheets, annual reports – they’re all being downloaded and printed as we speak. While offset printing volumes are being reduced, the office printer is alive and well.

So treat the office printer like another media channel. When your company’s material comes out looking superior to the others in the prospect’s collection, you’ve just jumped to the top of the stack.

Mad Men, Web geeks and the SEC

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Your next annual report must have marketability, usability and compliance

The three worlds of advertising, Web site usability, and the Securities and Exchange Commission have collided. The result is a puzzle, and the public companies who can successfully fit the pieces together in 2009 will capture prospective investors while living up to the spirit of new SEC rules.

Award-winning Annual Report designed by Ervin | Bell

Award-winning Annual Report designed by Ervin | Bell

The high-end printed annual report is poised to become more focused as a long-term shareholder retention tool, and is increasingly valuable as a sales tool as well. Promoting your company to potential investors and analysts, however, necessitates not just any HTML annual report, but a well-executed one. Because the prospective investor has a low level of motivation, you have a very short period of time to provide what they’re looking for, link them strategically along your IR site and collect their email address.

The shared story below, Reflections on 2008 Annual Report Season, renders a verdict on the failure of companies over the past season to execute annual reports that reflect modern models of investor relations. It was filed by blogger Dominic Jones of IR Web Report.

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