More than a perfunctory chore, annual reports often pave the way to a financially secure tomorrow. Incisive messaging carried out with precise visual direction—the right marketing slant—means everything for this influential piece of collateral.

Since 2001, Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. has used Ervin | Ad to produce award-winning annual reports. Our 2007 report, “Home. Away From Home”, conveyed the luxuriousness of the top tier motor homes, reminding investors of the saleable benefits that keep Fleetwood on top of their industry.

But investors weren’t the only one that noticed the 70-page, full-color report. “Home. Away From Home” won Fleetwood a gold 2008 International Arc Award in the Annual Report with Form 10-K category. Entries were evaluated on design, execution and how well they represented a company’s spirit.

As with Fleetwood, we won’t rest until we capture the spirit of your business, in print, interactive and broadcast channels.