Who are you and what’s your message?

With First American’s corporate identity defined by the answers to these questions, it’s no surprise they asked Ervin | Ad to devise an internal campaign that deepened their employees’ understanding of the First American brand.

The result: Brand Awareness Month (BAM!). Launched in June 2006, the initiative demonstrated how employee actions impact corporate identity.

Because program points had to be easy to remember, we created a slate of interactive activities that seared brand messaging into employee consciousness. Our integrated approach included a BAM! landing page with instructional content, eye-popping e-mails that required previously distributed 3-D glasses for viewing, a BAM! desk calendar with practical application tips, and contests to win great prizes.

By the end of the month, brand comprehension skyrocketed among employees and participation in companywide activities reached unprecedented levels. More than an exercise in branding, the BAM! campaign served as a powerful tool that strengthened employee pride in belonging to an industry-leading institution.

And for our client, that was truly a defining moment of success.