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As a division of the third largest cable provider in the nation, Cox Business is, to put it modestly, well known. But in the competitive Orange County market, Cox needed a way to distinguish their client-oriented service from the herd. Something different. Something that connected to the community.

After approaching Ervin | Ad, that “something” became the wildly successful “Meet Me” campaign, a 2008 MarCom Platinum Winner.

Launched in Spring 2007, “Meet Me” placed a spotlight on “Cox Cares,” a non-profit organization Cox Business created to give back to the community. The campaign was the first cause-based marketing effort featuring the communications giant.

Through print media and television ads, people were introduced to Danny, Hailey and Douglas, real locals who benefited from “Cox Cares.” The ads struck a chord with potential clients moved by Cox’s generosity. It also garnered major recognition in Orange County media outlets, including a full-page feature article in the Orange County Business Journal.

The campaign’s response was so phenomenal that other regional Cox divisions adopted its format. Our “Meet Me” campaign allowed a whole new segment of consumers to “meet Cox.”  view the TV spots